Located in Downtown Raymond

Date:11 Nov, 2016

Located in Downtown Raymond

Raymond Washington is a quaint little community located on the Willapa Bay.  The city was first established on February 23, 1904 when the post office opened up for business.  The town was named “Raymond” in honor of the first post master, L.V. Raymond.  An election on August 4, 1907, approved incorporation of the town and A.C. Little was elected mayor, making Raymond Washington official.

Mayor A.C. Little immediately set to work attracting industries to locate in the newly formed town.  Soon sawmills, factories and even a few watering holes could be seen popping up all over the land.  In 1913, Raymond claimed a population of 6,000 and had a reputation as a wild and wooly lumber mill town.

These days there may be a few less watering holes but the wooly lumber mills and the Willapa Bay are a thing of beauty for travelers.  If you are looking for things to do, the City of Raymond website has a host of information.

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